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How it works

Scan Your Property

Scan Your Property

Capture your properties essence effortlessly using your smartphone. Vuabl’s advanced technology handles the rest.

Instant 3D and 2D Viewing

Watch as Vuabl magically transforms your scan into detailed 3D and 2D plans, offering you a comprehensive view of your space.

Cross-Platform & Easy Access

Share your property details with ease and instantly put your new assets in the hands of your internal and external team. 


Vuabl – Your Property Exploration Companion

Automatic 3D & 2D Plans

Experience the convenience of instantly generated 3D and 2D plans. No need for manual design or measurements.

Asset Catalog

Access a comprehensive catalog of property assets. Easily view and identify the components of your space.

Seamless Sharing

Effortlessly share your property details with clients, co-workers and contractors for collaborative planning.

For who?

Vuabl Serves a Wide Range of Users

Estate And Lettings Agents

Agents that are ahead of the game are offering Floor Plans and 3D models to win more instructions. With Vuabl, you can generate accurate floorplans, instantly, with just your smartphone.

Public Sector Housing Organisations

Vuabl’s all in one asset management tool streamlines data collection for stock condition surveys, reduces void turnaround times and helps reduce reactive repair spend. 


Cutting edge Floor Plan generation allows surveyors and appraisers to instantly capture gross internal square footage, generate more assets quicker and streamline their current processes. 


Use Vuabl to reduce spend on bids, increase value and estimation credibility and bid on more jobs in less time to help win business without increasing your costs.

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